training sessions

Do you want meet and work with students in other European cities?

Do you want to learn new skills of innovation and entrepreneurship?

Do you want to develop skills in working remotely on international projects with international teams?

Do you want to help solve some of society’s problems and be involved in something that really matters and can make a difference?

Summer School recipients are the most suitable ten participants selected after a the preparation programme delivered at a local level by each partner.

The Summer School objective is to foster ten collaborative projects among students from six different countries.

The ten projects developed remotely over the following year and monitored and mentored by the partner institutions. The students will be required to record their progress through video diaries and prepare a report at the end of one year.

Then it follows the Winter School – each team will gather and be given the opportunity to showcase their progress and initial activities.

A pitching workshop – after one year, the project teams will attend and project showcase where they will be expected to present their projects to representatives of community groups, policy makers and potential investors.

The students will continue to develop their projects remotely during the final year of the project, reporting regularly on progress and challenges faced.

Participating students will receive a formal certificate of completion bearing the logos of all partner institutions.

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