handbook of remote working for social innovators

The handbook will serve as a reference book for both students enrolled on the programme, as well as social innovators in general, and will consist of a characterisation of the social needs and challenges within the participating communities, especially in the wake of the coronavirus and a review of the latest technologies and their applications for remote working, especially for socially innovative collaboration.

virtual incubation space

This will host transnational social innovation projects – virtual social enterprises (VSEs) and will combine a repository of online tools, a networking platform, and project management facility. It will be specially designed to help students from different countries work on collaborative social innovation projects and include a number of resources for remote working, virtual mobility, webinars, virtual cafes, podcasts etc. There will also be a space for mentoring of the transnational projects developed.

training and mentoring programme

This includes several steps such as: a preparation programme delivered at a local level; a Summer School for establishing collaborative projects among students from six different countries and then a Winter School to give teams the opportunity to showcase their progress and initial activities. After one year, the project teams will attend and project showcase where they will be expected to present their projects. Then students will continue to develop their projects remotely during the final year of the project.

e-book ‘remote social innovation projects’

Designed as a promotional tool and as a handbook for other institutions wishing to carry out similar initiatives. It will consist of: a blueprint of the programme including access to the virtual incubation space; case studies of the student projects and chapters by partners and stakeholders, reflecting on the remote working within the social innovation context.

virtual micro-internship platform for social enterprises

This will be a tool to increase the availability and visibility of internship opportunities within the Social Innovation / Social Enterprise sector improving employability among young people interested in SI whilst supporting social enterprises to recruit for small scale projects.