The SEVERE project celebrates its completion

After 3 years of transnational and digital training, the SEVERE project has come to an end! With much to celebrate, the team would like to come back on a few achievements: 



Over 50 students have improved their skills through the programme which had been put together to continue the development of youth entrepreneurship during the global pandemic. In fact, SEVERE harnessed the potential of new ways of working to promote the international potential of digital tools. From public speaking, English skills, business models and understanding of social issues, we are proud to have witnessed the impressive progress of participating students.




A total of 13 wonderful social enterprise projects came to life thanks to the hard work of students! This is very promising for the next generation of entrepreneurs and workers in the third sector.





Two books were published, ensuring the scalability of the project: The Handbook of remote working for social innovators and the Ebook for social Innovation projects!

Among these, we share fond memories of every time we met for in-person trainings in:

💚   Dublin, September 2021;              💚 Montpellier, April 2022;                 💚    Prato, September 2022;              💚   Aveiro, June 2023.

Thank you to everyone who made SEVERE a success, from partners, staff and students! The SEVERE project may end now, but its impact will last a lifetime!