january 2023 highlights

january 2023

SEVERE begins trainings for new cohort

The SEVERE project opened 2023 with a new cohort of students, and a new set of trainings for them. 

Last 24 January, the Ideation Workshop brought together over 35 students representing all partner institutions of the project. Zakia Moulaoui, founder of social enterprise Invisible Cities, shared her journey, and how her ideas of travel and movement merged with the desire to help those in need. Students were also provided with tools such as the GLOCAL Network and the Virtual Internship Platform that would connect them to similar minded groups and individuals from around the world. 

During the ideation workshop, four new transnational teams were formed. Over the course of the following weeks, two new teams were formed, with cohort 2 now having over 40 active students divided between six teams.  

They are now in the process of further developing their ideas, with the help of their mentors. Apart from the team members from partner institutions, former trainees of the project also act as student mentors. On 28 February, each team will present a concept board of their initial plans. Afterwards, mentors and other students will provide comments and suggestions.  

These types of collaboration and mentorship provide the students with opportunities to learn from each other, talk about their common interests, and finalise their social enterprise idea. Further workshops and trainings are in store for them, all culminating in June where they will be able to pitch their social enterprise to a wider audience in Aveiro, Portugal.