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september 7, 2022

Multiplier event:

pitching night: 10-minute business ideas

The pitching night, held on September 7th at the Murate Caffè Letterario in Florence was the culminating event of the Pitching Bootcamp in Prato. The evening was an opportunity for the students to present their business idea to an audience of investors, social innovation experts and entrepreneurs, who gave feedback and suggestions.

Each group had about 10 minutes to pitch their business idea, highlighting its strengths, and detailing their activities and operations strategies. At the end of each pitch, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions to clarify different aspects of the project, and learn more about what they had just heard. At the same time, they voted via Mentimeter on various aspects of the pitch (intro, prompt, project, route to market, operational strategy, financial projections, social impact, summary), which made it possible to arrive at a ranking of the various business ideas presented.

We finished the day with a networking session and an aperitif all together, which enabled all of us to talk more deeply with the students who had presented the most interesting ideas for them and also allowed us to get to know each other better, and exchange ideas and opinions.

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